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The AAS Laboratory offers a flexible, reliable service with years of experience and understands the demands and needs of our clients.

AAS provide an affordable asbestos testing service that will tell you whether asbestos is present in your home or workplace. This service allows you to send us a sample of any section of your building for laboratory analysis.


We use a very reliable company with a huge client base to come and take the samples for you. Contact the Laboratory for prices and to arrange an appointment


Asbestos Samples

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Under normal circumstances we aim to turn around Bulk Identification of asbestos samples within 48 hours of receipt in our laboratory and a 24 hour turnaround when ever possible.


A certificate will be emailed / posted to you from our accredited laboratory advising whether there is asbestos in your sample and identifying the type of asbestos.


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Danger Asbestos

It is important for every person to know if there is asbestos where they live or work so that they do not disturb the areas that
contain asbestos and create a health risk to themselves, their family or their colleagues.


Asbestos bags can be supplied if you contact the Laboratory Manager on 01527 66044


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